Who I am & Why I Got Started

With Organic Handmade Soaps & Body Butters


Hello my name is Pamela

I began making soaps and other bath products when everything I bought over the counter would irritate my skin. I have psoriasis and wanted a product that would soothe and heal not just clean. I have come up with a few mixtures that do exactly what I needed and couldn't find, over the counter. If the recent pandemic showed us anything it's that working for others is not guaranteed and that the products we love won't always be available. I want to help others as well as be a productive part of rebuilding our society's economy. Opening a small business where I offer a needed service at an affordable cost is my way of doing both. My soaps are not a medication they are a gentle cleanser, the lack of additives is what promotes the healing. Learn to Love the Skin you are in again by using my gentle cleanser.

The Aloe smells amazing and is so soothing.
The Coffee face bar is great for exfoliation and anti-aging without the extra chemicals.
The Plain plant base bar smells amazing without a single additive.
The Goats Milk and Cocobutter bar leaves your skin amazingly soft to the touch.
The mixed Oatmeal and Honey bar relieves itchy skin and promotes healing.
The Oatmeal, Honey, and Aloe marble bar is a step above and my daily choice for soft, comfortable TO LIVE IN skin.

Give them a try and let us know what you think with a review.

The Holleren_Series 


A Fantasy Fiction

Stay tuned,  a Fantasy Fiction that will thrill your imagination and last throughout time is on its way!

"The Holleren Series"
Holleren is the oldest forest on Earth, Willa has stood at its center since the dawn of time, and seen all manner of life evolve, yet she was in shocked awe at the arrival of the tiny pale ones. Her children shot from the Cosmos to form entities that are perfectly, of the Heavens and the Terra. Willa knew no creatures such as these existed on Terra, and feared what they would become...

Incessant Thoughts: Blog


"Incessant Thoughts"
Incessant thoughts is a Bi-Polar writer's blog, I began to share thoughts away from the toxicity of social media. It's an open forum all thoughts welcome as long as what your post harms no others.